A few words about

Who our Pastor is..

Michael Israel is the senior partner of God of Elijah Ministry. God called him unto the pastoral ministry about 27 years ago. A new direction and ministry from God was given to him in the year 2018. After receiving this new calling, God of Elijah Ministry (GOEM) was established at the current Glenn Dale location in Maryland USA

Born and raised in a Christian home by a father who was a pastor back in his home country of Nigeria; Michael grew up learning the importance of God and his laws in a daily living. His mother always reminded him that from that from birth she had a firm conviction God had chosen him to become a pastor/servant to God’s children. He always followed his father to church and learned first hands the role of a pastor in the church

In 1986 Michael Israel got born again at a holy ghost service. In search for deeper conviction with God, he joined Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry. In 1993 he decided to work for  God at Mountain of Fire Ministry located in Lagos. As a humble dedicated servant of God, he continued steadfastly  working for God with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. On arrival to the United States, Michael continued his service to God at an MFM branch located in Bowie Maryland. In 1999 God singled him out to lead a new MFM branch in Glenn Dale Maryland. By divine appointment, he became the founding pastor and general overseer of God of Elijah Ministries worldwide.

Pastor Michael Israel is an anointed minister blessed with multiple gifts of the Holy Spirit. He is married to his wife Bola and has 2 grown kids. He received his clergy degree (1996) from Faith Bible College in Nigeria and he is the founder of GOEM ministry. You can listen to him in person at the church location or the social media